FIT Happens 40+ Diva’s

So here is proof that FIT HAPPENS! Meet Helen, Evelise and Allison (Allison is also featured in my before and after) They are my 40+ clients that prove age is only a number. They train with me every Saturday morning and attend many of my classes during the week and they look AMAZING!!!

Makenzie’s Hero

Michelle & Makenzie I have a few hero’s in my life and each of them have different traits that I like about them.  There’s one person who is my number one hero though.  That person would be my Mom.  My Mom is my hero for two reasons, one, because she is always there when I need her and two, because she is a Personal Trainer.  I know this doesn’t effect me but the fact that she takes the time to not only keep other people healthy, but my family healthy.  I really enjoy spending time with my Mom and she is most definitely my hero.

Every day at about 5:00 in the morning my Mom wakes up and goes to the gym.  (ok, not every morning, but some, LOL)  I think that’s pretty amazing that my Mom wakes up at five in the morning every morning just so she can help people stay fit.  She helps my family eat healthy so that we don’t become overweight and have health issues.  She has her own business now, It’s called “FIT Happens”  It’s a Nutritional and Personal Training business.  I find it inspiring that my Mom takes the time to do this.

The second reason that my Mom is my absolute hero is because she’s always there for me.  Whenever I have a problem, she’s right by my side.  When I have a friend problem my Mom gives me advice on what I should do because she has been in this position before and she knows what it’s like.  My Mom is more than a Mom to me, she is my best friend.  I love her dearly and she is absolutely my hero.

To wrap things up, I have to say my Mom will always be my number one hero and I hope that she will be around when I have children so she will be able to help me when I’m stuck in a bubble.  And when and if I get out of shape she will be right there to guide me.  I love my Mom and the things she does for me and others.  I want to be just like her one day.