Diane’s Incredible 100 lb. transformation

September 25, 2012

Diane Wackell

100 lbs. lost!


It was January 2, 2012 when my husband approached me to talk about my health.  Not my weight or the fact that even my “fat clothes” were getting too tight.  It was that “wake-up” call, that “light bulb” moment that needed to happen.


In the nicest way possible, he expressed his concern about my health.  About all of the illnesses that were just around the corner if I didn’t start taking care of myself.  About all of the extra fat suffocating my organs.  He talked about his worries about our girls and the example that I was setting for them.  And the fact that if I didn’t start a new “lifestyle” now, I might not be here for them and my grandchildren, for him or my friends.


I made the decision to join a Body Challenge and met Sharon Mastrogia and Michelle O’Toole.  My first official weigh-in made me cry.  The first official work-out session made me cry even harder and I remember weeping for days while my muscles tried to recover from the first challenging exercises they had ever seen.


Why, for so many years, didn’t any of my previous attempts to diet ever work out?  What’s different this time?  Well, it’s pretty simple.  The Diet Doc Program!!  In the past, my diets where always about losing 20 lbs. – just enough to fit into my “fat” clothes comfortably or into a certain outfit for the next big event.  The Diet Doc Program taught me that this is not about a diet to simply lose the weight, this is about a life-style change.  I have learned to eat clean, whole food to fuel my body, not to feed an emotion.  I learned the importance of eating every 3-4 hours and have eliminated processed foods from my diet completely.  Eating healthy doesn’t end when I get to that certain number or enjoy that big event.  It doesn’t end every weekend to only start up again on Monday, nor does it end during the summer or when I am on vacation or when the holidays are here.  And I can promise you that on the fitness part of this journey, that it won’t end when I can finally finish whatever work-out it is (either cardio or strength training) without complete and utter exhaustion.  I know now that when that happens it’s time to shake it up and challenge myself all over again.  But with the strength that I have gained, both mentally and physically, I look forward to the new challenges.


My biggest thank you goes to Sharon, who has been able to push me beyond what I ever thought possible.  She has been by my side celebrating each of my successes along the way.  I believe that without her guidance, I would not understand to the extent that I do, the importance of proper nutrition, daily journaling and regular exercise.


Also, a big thank you to Michelle O’Toole for her extensive knowledge with the Diet Doc Program.  She has always been there to answer questions and her suggested recipes are always amazing!  And to all of the new friends that I have met through Anytime Fitness – you all inspire me to take care of myself every day and to take the time to enjoy the process along the way.  This is my journey, my life transformation, and I am so happy that I have the opportunity to share it with all of you.


Rose Anderson

Rose Before Rose's back Rose

On November 5th 2011, I entered my first Figure & Bikini Competition, “MonsterMashBodyBuilding”. It had never crossed my mind to enter a body building competition because I never believed it was possible for me. Michelle changed my way of thinking. She taught me that if you work hard, anything is possible and she proved it. I took 5th place in Figure and 6th place in Bikini. When I look at my trophy I am still amazed at what I have accomplished.

Before I met Michelle I had poor posture, no energy, no motivation and I was lacking confidence (being a stay home mom). I met Michelle at “Anytime Fitness” in Grafton. I walked into her office seeking personal training for my posture. Shortly after taking some one on one sessions, I started taking some of the classes she offers, which are fantastic – REALLY! I can honestly say I never get bored. When I complete a class with Michelle I feel so good, full of energy, strong, and my mood stays happy all day. I’m addicted to the classes she offers and the results I get from them. Michelle’s “Diet Doc” program has also helped me with my nutrition. I have learned so much from this program and am surprised at how little I knew.

I believe some people are so good at what they do because they have a gift. Michelle is one of those people. She has such great knowledge and experience of health & fitness because it’s who she is. She is very passionate about her work and it always shows. If anyone was to ask me what makes Michelle so special, I would have to say “it’s because she really CARES about helping you”. Michelle was there for me by my side from the beginning to the day of my competition, every step of the way. An amazing experience I will forever cherish.


Thanks Michelle….Your the Best!!!!!!!

Allison’s Story

Allison before & after front view Allison before & after side view Allison before & after back view

I am about to turn 45 and for the first time in my life i am learning about
my body and nutrition.  I have had 4 foot surgeries in 2 years time and
found myself rapidly becoming sedentary and putting on weight, I have known
about Michelle and Diet Doc for several years, unfortunately it took me a
while to realize the whole nutrition and fitness connection.  I remember
last Spring taking her classes at the gym for a few weeks and seeing no
results, I casually asked her why I wasn’t losing weight.  She told me
straight up it’s 80% nutrition and if I wanted to meet with her to stop by.
I started working with her and lost a few pounds, but then I had a medical
situation over the Summer that lead to another surgery, this time pretty
serious surgery.  I had to have 12 inches of my colon removed.  The biggest
factor was a lifelong affair with processed food.  I remember being in the
worst pain of my life post surgery thinking if I make it through this I
promise to really work with Michelle and get myself healthy.  Of course
looking fit is important but going through that situation I realized I
needed to get healthy.  I had lost 7 pounds over the summer doing a lose
Diet Doc regime, but then 5 weeks ago I started full force Diet Doc and
working out.  I found for me the two had to go hand in hand.  Michelle has
basically held my hand along the way until I was ready.  In 5 weeks I have
lost an additional 12 pounds and as you can see transforming my body.  I
could have never done this alone, Michelle makes it very easy to learn and
follow a healthy clean eating diet.  I am half way through my journey.  This
can be done, you can teach an old dog new tricks!  I have to modify to get
work outs in but I can do it.  I am doing it with Michelle and I will never
look back!

Mike DeFuria

Mike Before and After At the end of the last summer, I was in the worst condition of my life.  My weight was at an all time high and my activity level was at an all time low.  Even simple activities were a challenge; I dreaded tying my shoes in the morning.  I had tried so many diet and exercise programs, but could not make any of them stick.  I knew that I needed something different; I needed some help.

I decided to join the Body Challenge competition at Grafton Anytime Fitness, hoping that the program would give me the jump start that I needed.  My goals were simple, lose some weight and get a little healthier.  Little did I know, this experience would change my life!

I had the good fortune of meeting Michelle O’Toole, the head trainer and the leader of the Sunday Body Challenge team.  Over the next 19 weeks working with Michelle, I lost 84 pounds!  I did that by eating an amazingly healthy diet and working out consistently.  No supplements, no gimmicks, just a solid program that I could enthusiastically embrace.

In the first week we met, Michelle encouraged me to attend her class.  At my size, I was hesitant, but I gave it a try.  Michelle could not have been more accommodating.  She offered me alternatives to any exercises I could not do, and in some cases alternatives to the alternatives.  I can still hear her words, “Everyone can so something, just do what you can”.  In my physical condition, that was music to my ears.

I made it through that first class and it changed my whole perspective on working out.  I had always gone to the gym.  I was that guy who walked on the treadmill, lifted a few weights, but never showed any great improvement.  I left Michelle’s class thinking, “Mike, you have to work harder, you need to step up your game”.

And I proceeded to do just that.  My workouts got better and better, my weight continued to drop, and my energy level skyrocketed. Michelle encouraged me every step of the way, made me believe I could go further than I thought.  This helped me go way outside my comfort zone, completing my first road race ever, a 15 mile duathlon, then two 5K races.  Now I am signed up for a triathlon.  And something funny happened along the way, I went from having modest goals of just losing some weight, to a goal of really wanting to get fit!

I’ve also learned along the way that working out is only part of formula.  Michelle taught me the Diet Doc program and it has been the key to my success, providing me a great nutrition plan as the solid foundation to achieving good fitness.  The Diet Doc program taught me the right amounts of food to eat, the right combinations of food, and the best times to eat them.  The program could not be easier; I feel that I eat like a king, not deprived of anything.

It’s not often that you cross paths with someone that really makes a difference in your life.  I am proud to say that Michelle has been a person who made a difference in mine, and helped me change my life for the better.  Michelle has such great knowledge of health and fitness which she uses to teach, encourage, and keep you motivated. But beyond the nuts and bolts, she really cares about your success. I can’t imagine a better trainer for health and fitness.  Michelle is the best!

There are so many people to thank for helping me towards my goal of getting fit.  Obviously thanks to Michelle O’Toole, for everything.  To my wife Deb, for all her support, making me the most fantastic, healthy meals every day, having faith in me, and for waiting for me to come around – love you babe!  Thanks to Megan Rogozenski for coaching me in the duathlon and holding my hand through it, teaching me to spin, and for inviting me into her racing world.  Joe Vitiello for teaching me strength conditioning.  And last but not least, Grafton Anytime Fitness and all of the great people there.

This has been an amazing journey for me.  I feel like I’m getting my life back through hard work and good healthy choices.  I’m not done yet, and in some ways I’m just getting started.  There are more goals to hit, but they are different goals now.  They are not so much numbers on a scale, but a new lifestyle, with no limits, where I am active and fit and enjoying life!

~ Mike

Patrick Traverse

Patrick Traverse Testimonial I’ve had the chance to train with multiple trainers with NHL credentials and Michelle is doing as good a job, if not better than these guys. She is kicking my butt, so I can get ready for another season injury free and in top shape.
Thanks Michelle
Patrick Traverse