Body Challenge Results @ Anytime Fitness

Body Challenge

Today ended our 8 week Body Challenge at Anytime Fitness. I would just like to put a few stats here of what these amazing clients accomplished in 8 weeks.

* Friday team lost a total of 210 lbs… (that is from 15 people) Michelle

* Saturday team lost a total of 188 lbs. (also 15 people) Sharon Lipka Mastrogiacomo

* Sunday team lost a total of 109 lbs. (6 people.) Linda Chase

Our 1st place winner Nancy Buffone lost a total of 15.6% of her body weight.

Our 2nd place winner Christopher M Bradley lost a total of 14.65% of his body weight.

Our 3rd place winner Karyn Mac lost a total of 14.65% of her total body weight. These are AMAZING accomplishments. Not only do they look amazing, but they have taken their health back.

One of our members was able to come off of her blood pressure pills completely. This is not just about losing weight, this program TEACHES you about nutrition. Anyone can get a piece of paper that tells them what to eat and follow it.. But that is NOT what this program is about.

We provide guidelines, we teach you nutrition and we support you 100% of the way.. You will never have to make an appointment to talk to us. We have support groups online where you always have 24/7 access to your Trainer or one of the 3 trainers.

You have everything you need to make your journey a success.. 24/7 access to the gym, unlimited group classes and weekly meetings… There is NO OTHER program out there like this.. Yes, there are others out there, but not like this… we are a small, supportive group that give one on one attn.. you are not just a number!

So congrats to ALL the took part in this amazing session.. Cannot wait until March 21st to start the next… Anyone that participated that would like to comment we would love to hear your thoughts for those contemplating the next session. We still have spaces available on each team: $280 for non members $200 for members remember, your health is not an expense, it is an INVESTMENT.